We can help you to capitalise on the growing trend of video and audio, and manage all aspects of creative and production. Our video projects often yield a “flag ship”, high-production video accompanied by numerous short videos useful for electronic newsletters and social media.

Video Production

From initial ideas through to finished videos, we undertake the full process of video production and create great brand videos that engage your audience by telling your unique story. These can be shown on your site and on social channels.

Audio Design

We can develop custom music and audio signatures to be used as a cognitive “hooks” for your audience, helping elevate your brand over and above your competitors.

Story & Narrative

Story and narrative are seamlessly integrated into our design process to produce the most effective, elegant and engaging work — while ensuring that your business’ voice remains authentic and consistent.

Animation and Motion Graphics

We augment your videos by adding animation and motion graphics that create interest an understanding in your topics. Some of our productions are purely animated motion graphics.

Members of our team have created videos, audio and motion graphics for these clients.

My Company Sandvik needed videos to support our Mine Academy Course that we run for our employees. Coeus created a number of professional, innovative and informative videos that highlight the essential learnings of the course. These videos make it so much easier for participants to understand the complicated process of mining.

Sandvik Mining